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[ Help ] Need help counting the draws!


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Hello everyone! I would like to seek help from those who had experience and for those who are more knowledgeable. Idk if I'm counting my draws correctly. I have been saving up my seal scrolls for the next rebate. I would just like to know if my assumptions are correct.

I have all Rares in GNW Treasure, which is 9 if I'm not mistaken because Fuguki and Pakura are not rares in this treasure but only common ninjas? With that said, it means that I have at least done 540 draws if we assume I got the rare ninjas in every 60 pull (60*9=540). Now, I have 1 dupe Ringo, which would be equivalent to 60 seals, 1 dupe Zabuza, which is also 60 seals, and 3 dupes Toroi, which is 180 seals. If we total all of them, I have 540+60+60+180=840 draws total. Now if we're to assume that I got 1 Hashirama frag every 60 pulls, then that would mean I have at least 14 Hashirama frag (840/60=14) and I have 18 frags off him which is not too far off from the calculation given that we sometimes can get 2 Hashirama frags instead of 1.

Is this calculation correct? I'm just wondering because others already have 28+ Hashirama frags and they still do not have their SR, which would already be equivalent to 1,680 seals scrolls (60*28=1,680) and most who got their SR claimed that the average based from experience is at 1,050-1,200 seal scrolls. TIA for those who will help.

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Toroi is not rare

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You can get 1 or 2 hashirama frags from gnw treasure.

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Well, as stated before Toroi is not a rare, just a common (it's labeled wrong). To be sure, if you get a banner announcing your draw, it is a rare. Toroi does not get that. So judging by that, you have 9 rares and a Edo Zabuza double.

60*10=600 + free draws.

The treasure came out on December 14th of last year and if you have kept up to date with your free pulls, was 187 days ago.

187/2=93.5->93. This puts you at enough so that you have free drawn a rare once. So 600-60=540.

You could be at 633 in Treasure.

Dont even bother counting Edo Hashirama Frags. I got my super rare at 1020 and I have 28 Edo Hashi frags. A friend of mine got their super rare at 1060 and has 35 Edo Hashi Frags.

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Yeah, same with other thread .. Someone asked about how many Edo Hashirama Frags do need to have to get your first super rare and someone said that he got his SR when he's at 28pcs Edo Hashirama Frags while his other friends got their first super rare at 34 pcs hashirama frags ..

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Thank you for the clarification guys and for pointing out Toroi. I got 2 dupes. Ringo and Zabuza. I was right on my count then. Thread can now be closed.

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