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GNW Treasure: 1020 seal scrolls spent and no super rare


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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-06-14 17:10:32
  • To add a counter they should admit there are thresholds and is not all rng based. The official version about a treasure is there is no hidden counter, no thresholds to unlock ninjas, just a chance per roll to get something.

Well technically that position is true. The chance of getting super rare before ~1000 pulls isn't zero. Just like the chances of getting Hashirama x80 (non-edo) from that event mission box is not zero. But how many of those has everyone on your server probably opened and how many people on your server are actually running around with him? His chances before 1000 seems to be 0.00000001%, but after becomes an equal chance to drawing the normal rares (edo sasori, etc).

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