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ADLDICLPNO 16 - Byakugan Battle Brawlers


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Good golly governments, folks. TWO episodes of ADLDICLPNO in THREE days? That's two for three! This is a never-before-seen happenstance! Mainly because we don't actually have to play the game for this part, so it's easier to write and get screenshots.

(See the entire thing here:

The images probably broke, check the Google Doc for the full version!

a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online Eps 16: Byakugan Battle Brawlers

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life (and Dosu)

Images provided by Do I Care?

Disclaimer: The following is a fan-based parody. Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo. This “Lets Play” is a parody and nothing more. So please support the official release.

Naruto Online is property of Tencent/Oasis.

a derps life wants to point out that this isnt actually a lp in the truest sense, its just a creative work lol

Also, even though we bash Naruto Online we really do like the game at the core. Don’t take offense please!

These matches are really boring and they *! You better get me a match that doesn’t waste my time!

Sorry Hokage. I’ll get you one right away.


...Sorry, Lord Hokage.

...Oh boy.

I can’t wait.

I’m soooooo excited. (sarcastic)

Did you really need to say “sarcastic” right there?

...You know, it’s really hard to convey sarcasm when your voice is a bunch of typed letters on a screen and not an actual voice.

a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online Eps 16: Byakugan Battle Brawlers

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life, with help from Dosu

Now with 60% more Neji!

Dude, that’s awesome!

Aaaand let the match begin. *sigh*

Oh boy! Now it’s time for my fight!

Yeah, you mean time for you to lose, right?

WHAT? You take that back right now!

No way, not until you get a better face.

At least I stay relevant in Shippuden!

...well, sorta.

At least I’m not ripping off meta jokes from last episode!

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH *argument* *argument* *argument*

Hey guys, the Chinese is here!

Oh yes, I love Chinese!

Who ordered the Panda Express again?

Oh, that was Orochi-


I’m sorry. I mean STEVEN.

I got the fried rice!

...oh you’re so going down Sakura. Oh, how I hate you! I just-

I’m going to throw generic insults up your mouth until you’re puking-

Are you two still fighting? It’s literally been three hours! That’s it – you both lose because I’m going to die of a heart attack before you guys finish “fighting”!

Aww, that’s it? I was expecting something cool, like ya know a catfight or something. But this was more disappointing than my spot on the leaderboard right now! And that’s really saying something.

AHA! So you finally admitted you *.

I’m sorry, is this game called “Sasuke Online”? Then shut up and let’s go.

...We’re really running out of jokes aren’t we?

Okay. Next fight is uh....

Temari vs. Tenten.

Come on Tenten! You can do it, eh! Win and we’ll go to a Hockey Game!

Okay. Begi–

n…. wow. Temari wins. I think that’s a new record!

Anyways, uh, since nothing interesting happened there, let’s at least HOPE for a good match this time.


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I’m sorry, what?

That unimportant fodder sound nin girl? You mean the one with the bells? Her name’s Tsuki or something? Ah, who cares, she gets the least amount of character development of any of the Sound Nin and is only in like three episodes anyways.


I mean, what kind of power is that? “Oh look at me! I have power over bells! I’m awesome > . >”

Now that’s what I call some prime worthless character meat. GO SHIKAMARU YOU CAN BEAT HER rear end!

...Someone is going to die tonight.

Dosu’s note: I’m so sorry I like Kin just as much as the other Sound nin I feel really bad for poking fun at her like this even though… well, it’s true she has like no character development xD

...Someone is going to die tonight.

Look, bell girl. I really don’t want to do this.

But ya know, can you just

give me a minute? I just need to think of a really good pun.

Okay? So just hang on for a moment.




”A Bell-Tale Heart”? No…

Look, I’m really having trouble with this. So please, chime in if you can think of anything, okay?


You know what, I’m sick and tired of people poking fun at me right now.

So can you please just… SHUT UP?

”Think you’re gonna take me out in one bell swoop, huh?”

ya know, like

one fell swoop

nailed it


Look, if you don’t wanna wait or if you gotta problem with my stuff

Just give me a jingle, will ya?



*20 minutes later*

*mumble mumble* no, that won’t work.

Hey, you still there? You’re awfully still.

...You okay?


You dead?

You know, you really are a dead ringer for the First Hokage, you know that?

nailed it


I’ve just been paralyzed by your complete idiocy!

um oh

Since this match has had literally nothing happen for the past 20 minutes, the match goes to Shikamaru I guess.



you know what never mind, I’m gonna go get some coffee. Later losers.

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While I was trying to take Sasuke away, that buff guy crushed me with his big muscles.

Kabuto, what do you know about that buff guy?

Well, let me see if I can help you out a little.

With my Ninja Info Cards.

What the heck are those?

They’re chakra-encoated,

my… Ninja Info Cards.

What are you talking about?

What villages they come from?

Are you gonna shut up anytime soon?

They may not look like much,

my… Ninja Info Cards.

Okay, seriously. Shut up.

The geographical distribution-


Sorry, I get carried away.

Next match. Kiba vs. Naruto.

Dude! You’re like, so gonna lose!

Dude, don’t forget. We have that Medieval England trip tomorrow.


Don’t you mean–


dosu are u really reusing this joke

How am I supposed to poke fun at Kiba and Neji?

I decided it would be better to * with the classics by making dumb references.

Hey, I can do that too! Excellent!








Well then, it’s time to use my ultimate technique!


...Is that really how this fight is gonna be?


Well, at the very least you could try to make it look interesting.

Even if all we can do is add still images.

So here, have a dynamic action scene of what should’ve happened.

See, that looks pretty cool, right?

Now just imagine these two guys fighting in your head. Make the fight how YOU want it to be!

Yay, creativity!

Dude… you’re like, too intense. So… not… excellent.

Alright, this next match should be pretty hype. Neji vs. Hinata.

Everyone loves Hinata, right?

Plus, two users of that weird soft style.

That’ll be interesting.


Dude! All right! I get to, like, fight a GIRL and stuff! SWEET

Oh yeah and Kiba I’ll totally like avenge you and stuff!

I have to win… for Naruto!


wow… thanks naruto

Neji! You can do it, eh! Win and we’ll go to a Hockey Game!

So Hinata, I bet you’re gonna need some B U G S to even survive this fight. You up for the deal?

....Oh, they didn’t cut me out! Okay, then, good luck Ne–

Dude, Hinata, I like don’t care if you’re like from the main family and stuff.

I’m still gonna beat you most heinously.

BAI-AHH-KYOO-GAAHN!’s byakugan

it’s like bakugan with a y

Dude, that’s what I said. BYE-AAAAH-KYU-GAAAN~

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ow my *s

i need those for seducing

Sorry, but uh, like no one can see them anyways with your eskimo coat on, so…

like why do you care then

Come to think of it if we’re ninjas, why do some of us have the most incredibly ridiculous clothes?

I mean only the Sound Ninja and Kiba and like, maybe Shikamaru have vaguely ninja-like outfits.

I wouldn’t talk if I were you, Mr. Bright Orange Jumpsuit.



Yeah, no.

Point taken.

Alright! Now it’s totally time to end this–

Whoa, it’s These Messages. I love that show.

You know what I love even more?

The fact that Idontcare has a whopping TWO lines in this episode.

Are you tired of a plain old boring life?

Do you want your life to be more of an… adventure?

Then come to the Aburame Beehive today!

Here at the Aburame Beehive, we raise not only bees, but other bugs too!

Each of our bugs are sourced locally and will literally light up your life!

As a professional bug dealer, I am a seeker of real. I seek real bugs.

Not the artificial boring ones. But real, untainted bugs, unaffected by the whims of mankind.

Ask your doctor if bugs are right for you. Bugs are not for everyone! Children under 16 may receive side effects.

Bugs may increase your risk of death.

Also, if your arms suddenly bl0w off, contact a doctor immediately. This may be signs of a rare but serious side effect.

Hear these testimonials.

Once I started taking bugs, my life literally went off the roof!

I changed from a bloodthirsty genin who wanted to kill everyone in the Forest of Death, to a cool, lax and happy bug lover!

Taking my daily dosage of Bugs helps me keep my skin shiny and smooth! And pretty pale white too, but that’s just a side effect I guess. Eh, whatever, I don’t mind.

When I started taking bugs, I realized I didn’t need my arms anymore to succeed in life.

Thankfully, the bugs knew exactly what I wanted, and blew my arms off for me!

Now I’m living happily in the Konoha infirmary, embracing my new life as the armless ninja who will overcome obstacles and become great despite his crippling injury!



You heard it from our satisfied customers!

So what are you waiting for?

Call now, at 1-800-BUZZ-OFF! That’s 1-800-BUZZ-OFF for your free trial of bugs!

Get yours, today.

Wait, how did this happen?

Neji, you are officially GROUNDED.

We have had this discussion before. NO SWEARING IN MY CLASSROOM!

Okay, fine, dude, but at least I won, right?

*sigh* yes

Sweet! Time to take an EXCELLENT victory stance then!

That boy…

He is clearly one with the memes.

Albeit a slightly outdated one.

Nonetheless, a worthy opponent indeed.

Now hold on there, partner.

What the– Dude, what are you guys doing?

We’re the Bad Meme Police, and we’re going to arrest you for tbe usage of a bad meme.

But dude, I just–

wait did you just say “tbe”?

Tell it to the judge. And you have the right to remain silent.


Neji! I’ll, like, avenge you! Somehow!

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Alright, next match.

Gaara of the Memes versus Rock Lee.

Don’t I get a title, eh?

Fine. Gaara of the Memes versus Rock Lee of the Mounties.

*sigh* Rock Lee’s just fine, eh.

Okay. *sigh* Gaara of the Memes versus Rock Lee. Begin.


What’s the matter?

There’s no kid Gaara sprites on The Spriter’s Resource.

But this is like the hypest match of the exams!

yeah I know…

But we’ll have to fix that.

So because I don’t have a Lee vs. Gaara fight, you can take a healthy old meme instead I guess.

Winner of the Meme-Off: Gaara.

And now for the last match…



Why do you think the computer never shows up again after this?


Naruto, if you weren’t the main character I so would’ve killed you.

I’m sorry, I thought I was the main character?

Whatever, let’s just get to the most important fight of the Chunin Exam preliminaries.


Whaddaya mean “nope”?

end of episode

come on! duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuuuuh duh duh duh duh duh duh

...What are you doing?

...ending the episode?



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a derps life and Do I Care? - “Let’s Play” Naruto Online

(Stylized like a Poorly Censored Satire)

Written by Do I Care? & a derps life

...You know, even with all his weird quirks and isms, Dosu isn’t that bad.


What, did you think there was gonna be some sarcastic punchline or something?


Fine, if you want some more content here’s a picture of Shikamaru using shadow possession on Dosu.


You know, Dosu’s the poster-boy of the Shadow Pin TV Tropes page. Bet you didn’t know that.

Now everyone can see him humiliated like–


Oops, gotta go! Byeeeeeeeeeee!

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....Can I buy some bugs?

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Hotline not working. Is there a website I can go to?

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I died at Tenten's dialogue portrait.

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