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Edo Roshi data question


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Hola, on this fine morning our first and so far only Edo Tensei Roshi popped up on ol' 418, much to the cries of dismay from many.

This drop rate was even lower than 'Angle' Konan's, we got 5 of her despite our Wheel o' Fortune being hit with half the total spins.

So that's 5 Angles for half the spins, or, roughly EdoRoshi being one tenth the drop rate of the Konando.

Our numbers, just for the top 10 mind you were:

127+122+97+91+90+87+87+74+73+67 or 916, that plus the ones not in the top ten pushed it easily to 1000+ likely close to 1500.

So's I ask you lot. Did your server spit out an Edo Roshi, and if so, how many spins?

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we only got 1 edo roshi so far and that is a free draw from a high level low powered semi active guy, the most points in the rankings is 281, 150,134, and a bunch of 90s

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My server got 0 Edo Roshi.

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on ours Merged servers 443 446 and 453,I was the one getting him after 2free spins then I did 10 spins and got him at the first spinSans titre

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