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[ Suggestions ] Prizes that should be added to Treasure of the Sage


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Since the event treasure of the sage is a really good event to pick up items that you need it would be great to see that they put cave keys in there. This would be good to see since lately cave keys really have only been showing up in the great tree event and if there is not something in the tree that you want or need you wont even get the 20 keys a day. Also it would be great to see advance thread in the event too because the only way to get it at a discount is in the panic buy event and that only takes ingots.

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i suppose you do not take often a look at the common status bar shop in the 'purchase limiti' part.

you often see it there the 10 special keys pack and once in a while appears the pack with 200 keys.

About threads i support you fully and they should be available with full discounts (up to +50%).

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Hi there,

Thankyou for your suggestion regarding cave keys and adv threads being available in events like Treasure of the Sage and other events... I have passed it on to the team to hopefully see these more often =)

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