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[ Fanfiction ] Fight Against Pain: Reminiscence - Part 3(Rating T)


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Midnight's Perspective
You greet me again my old friends Darkness and Loneliness. How long has it been since we last seen each other? A long time I suppose. But where I am is the question. I can't seem to recall my name.

I looked around and started to walk in a random direction. Nothing much is changing, everything is still black. Just what is this place? As soon as I said that the room gained color and No, a younger version of me. I didn't like it one bit. My clothes were ragged and had holes on it. My hair was messy and my body was badly bruised. But there was one detail that made me gasp, blood under me.

Has this happened to me? I...can't recall it. That was when a man with a cane walked up to me. He looked at me with what I assume was pity. He picked me up, cradling me with his unaoccupied arm. The man was old and wrinkled. He had a scar on his chin and his right eye was covered. He looked around before he left and the scene was engulfed in darkness.

The area started to ripple and showed a somewhat older version of me, while I as being tended to by a masked person, while the same old man watched over in the shadows. The old man walked up to the two of us and we immediately knelt for some reason.

"Rai, I want you to meet up with Kinoe for a mission. Dai, I will debrief you for your objective...alone."

Rai got the picture and nodded. "Hai, Danzo-sama." I shunshinned out of the area, leaving Dai and Danzo alone.

Rai...was that my name? No, it doesn't feel right. It doesn't settle well with me. The area rippled again, but this time I was standing over....the bloodied body of Dai. I was crying over his corpse, while Danzo walked over, placing a comforting hand over my shoulder. That was when I stopped crying, my face contorted into a blank face.

"His death will not be in vain, Danzo-sama. I will do my best to honor him and serve you faithfully Danzo-sama."

Danzo nodded in approval. "Good. Emotion was nothing but a weakness that must be eliminated to become the best. Come, let us cope in honor of our fallen brother."

The younger me nodded and the room rippled again. This showed me being carried over by masked men. Overseeing it was an old man wearing white robes accompanied by another masked man, but had white spiky hair and, Kinoe!

The old man turned to Kinoe. "It was fortunate that he was still confined to the tube within this old lab. A great job Tenzo of you to remember a personal comrade."

'Tenzo' just nodded. "Hai, Hokage-sama. Rai was just a young child that meant good. He was like, the little brother of everyone there. But it all changed when his actual big brother-figure attempted to murder him. With that, he cut of all emotion and became Danzo's most ruthless assasin. Right now, he needs a lot of reconditioning so he can fit in with the rest of his age."

The other masked man, Kakashi I think, nodded in agreement. With that, the area rippled and it showed me standing in front of a group of children my age. I wore a blank face and introduced myself.

"I am Midnight. What my likes and dislikes are none of your concern."

A Chunin with a scarred nose rubbed his head and motioned for me to sit besides two blonde children. One had spiky hair and three whiskers on each side of his cheek. And the younger self immediately felt something. My eyes seemed to widen slightly and my lips twitched. Although she was a kid, she was cute.

The room rippled and showed a bunch of kids trying to ridicule me, but I just sat there, ignoring them. That was when that male blonde interrupted them and defended me, along with that cute blonde. My brows furrowed in confusion. The blonde boy immediately asked if I was alright, which I ignored. That was when the blonde girl forced me to face them and she slapped me.

"It's not very polite to ignore someone worried about you."

My younger version asked for forgiveness. "Sorry, but I cannot express my emotions greatly. It is stunted. So I cannot express gratitude as well. But I thank you for your concern, but I do not need it."

The blond boy went to rant how I should be thankful that they were even interacting with me, because I kept distancing myself. That was when my younger self's lips twitched upside down. A frown. Sadness. That was when both blondes cheered and hugged me.

The blonde girl explained. "Well, looks like you can feel some emotion. We'll help you along, so don't worry. Oh, my name is Breeze. He's my big brother Naruto." The blond boy waved, and my frown turned upside down. A slight smile on my face.

Again, the room shifted and showed me having a conversation with three people. One had orange hair, one was brunette and the third had blue hair. I'm starting to remember now. Just as said earlier, I am Midnight, my friends are Naruto, Breeze-chan, Crimson, Scarlet and Azure. Yes, my first friends.

Then it showed me along with the others, meeting with the Hokage, ordering us to keep an eye on Naruto and his team. It sped forward and showed us watching the Chunin Exams, before the Oto-Suna invasion happened. Something turned in me and I ruthlessly killed every enemy and went to help Naruto with Gaara.

After the invasion, I remember staring at my hands, imagining it was coated in the blood of everyone I slained. I was about to quit all over being a shinobi, if it wasn't for Breeze and Kakashi-sensei. They snapped me out of my funk, and Breeze confessed to me. But I put it off, since I don't know anything about romance, but promised her I would have a response to her confession.

Again it shifted and showed me, Gaara and a fellow Genin, Lee, facing against Kimimaro. We struggled and we barely managed to come out alive. Then, I arrived on the Valley of the End, and saw Crimson carrying Naruto and no signs of Sasuke. I frowned and the area darkened.

I wandered around before I stumbled upon an image of me, wearing an ANBU uniform and mask. By my side were other ANBU, taking orders from Tsunade-sama. After Naruto, Scarlet, Crimson and Jiraiya-sama's departure, I was inducted into the ANBU and promoted into Jounin for reasons I still don't know.

During my time in the ANBU, I had time to reaffirm my decision and accepted Breeze-chan's feelings, becoming my girlfriend. She and I dated during my day offs and I cherished it. Some of my emotions starting to grow.

Years later, my friends came back and reuinted. A lot of things happened. Saving Gaara from the Akatsuki, facing Sasuke and his group, encountering Itachi and...Pein! Konoha is being invaded.

End of Midnight's Perspective
Shift into Breeze's

Where am I? I only know my name. Breeze. I looked around and saw myself sitting with a blonde. I think his name was Naruto? I can't remember my past that much, but I do know is that I have been with him from what I can fully remember. It showed him hugging me protectively, while we were outside, in the rain.

That was until a kind old man came up to us and carried us into our new homes. He was the Hokage and he always visits us when he could. He takes us to parks, and treats us our favorite food. Ramen! And then he asked us what we wanted to be. Why, ninja of course! Me and niisan enrolled into an Academy, and he immediately started to causing trouble.

Pretty much everyone hates him, besides me, Iruka-sensei, and Hinata. I watched from the scenes and kept seeing Hinata blush at the sight of my niisan. Man, I lowkey shipped it ever since. That's when the idea of a boyfriend crossed my mind, I wondered who would be my mister perfect. That's when I saw the new kid introduced himself, I felt something.

Although he was as emotionless as a wall and Sasuke. Even if he was like that, me and niisan helped him regain some of his emotions. Then came some other friends. I was excited when I met Azure-chan. Finally! Someone who took kunoichi training seriously. Then was Scarlet, he was bit mischievous and I lowkey shipped him with Azure-chan when they blushed at each other. Then came Crimson-niisan. He's so boisterous and tries to hang out with us as often as he could. He's so nice.

Then came the time where Hokage-sama gave us an S-rank mission, wach over niisan's team. I remember when we went on that mission to Nami no Kuni, it scared me a lot, facing Zabuza. Then came the Chunin exams, but we didn't participate, only watch and do missions given by an ANBU Commander.

What shocked me the most is when Suna/Oto invaded. I looked appalled on the littered corpses around. It made me, sad. Bu it also made me furious. The room rippled and showe me shredding every enemy I encountered, while my friends and I tracked down nii-san's team. I may have had some regret, but it was war. Killing was neccessary. But what shocked me is Midnight-kun contemplating suicide. luckily, me and Kakashi-sensei managed to snap him out of it. And for some reason, i though of it as a good idea to confess my feelings. He said he'll give me an answer once he sorts his feelings out. It was better than being rejected.

Then came retrieveing Tsunade-sama, that Jiraiya-sama taught me and niisan the Rasengan. The experience scared me again, as I saw Naruto almost die again. Then came Sasuke betraying us. Me and Azure-chan tried to come with, but we were ordered not to. During that, I contemplated how I should strengthen myself.

And when the Sand Siblings came, I requested to come with them back to Suna, so I could further train on my Ninjutsu. Them and Tsunade-sama saw no problem with it. I said goodbye to niisan and my friends and stayed in Suna for a year, before going back to Konoha. There, Midnight gave me his answer and said yes.

That made me happy and we dated for the remainder of the year, until my friends and niisan came back. Then came Gaara's abduction, us encountering Sasuke and Itachi on separate times. The news of Jiraiya-sensei's death. And then, Pain! Breeze blocked her hands, a bright light blinding her. She couldn't see who it was, but she knew she saw the color yellow.

"It's not your time yet, Breeze-chan. You still need to help your big brother, Naruto-kun."

Back to the Real World

Both Midnight and Breeze gasped at the same time and shot up, with two Azures pushing them back and healed them. Midnight looked to the left and smiled, seeing Breeze.

"Breeze-chan, you're okay."

Said blonde smiled back. "I can say the same for you, ya know?"

Azure Clone # 1 and 2 just rolled their eyes and continued healing them until they fully recovered. The Azure clones saluted and dispelled. Midnight stood up and offered his hand to Breeze. She accepted and stood up. They saw Tendo about to launch boulder and they nodded at each other.

Both of them disappeared in a blink and appeared behind Tendo.

"Senpo: Rasengan!"

"Get lost!"

Breeze slammed a Rasengan on Tendo's chest, shredding his body, while Midnight sliced through his body and released a large of current of lightning which coursed through him.

Crimson and Scarlet smirked, seeing their two other friends okay. Breeze and Midnight landed next to them, the latter asking for an updare. "Well, what's the current status?"

Scarlet pointed at the still Kyuubified Naruto, who was preparing to charge another chakra ball attack. "Well, Naruto accessed to Kyuubi's chakra so bad that it covered him in Version 2 plus he's in 6-Tail mode as well." And he pointed at Azure who was healing Hinata. "Azure-chan's there trying to keep Hinata alive enough so she can recover."

Midnight nodded and prepared his blade. "Thanks for the update, now we need to keep Tendo busy!"

The other three nodded and charged.

Tendo growled and rubbed his face. He looked at the four insignificant specs and shot another Shinra Tensei, slamming down on the ground. Midnight growled and disappeared in a flash appearing behind Tendo.


And Tendo was stabbed in the chest with a Chidori Eiso. Scarlet ran up and slammed a crimson sphere on Tendo. Crimson covered his arm in rocks and slammed Tendo on the chest. Breeze inhaled deeplyl, before spewing out a large gust of sand dust at Tendo.

Azure girtted her teeth, before noticing that Hinata's breathing started to regulate. That's when they noticed something, Naruto was just sitting down. Azure faced her friends quickly inform them of it.

"Guys! Something's wrong with Naruto! He's just sitting there!"

The four looked and saw Naruto, indeed sitting down. Crimson faced the three. "I'll go and erect a barrier around us and try to get rid of that chakra cloak. Keep Tendo busy as best as you can."

The three nodded and weaved through hand seals, while Midnight's blade crackled with Raiton chakra. Crimson jumped besides Naruto and weaved through his own set of hand seals and clapped his hands, multiple trees sprouting around him and Naruto like a dome.

Crimson knelt and looked at Naruto, still sitting still, making him frown. "What's happening with him right now?"

Back to the fray, Midnight impaled Tendo to the ground, giving Breeze an opening. "Odama Rasengan!"

Breeze dropped down and slammed the giant chakra ball on to Tendo's face. Scarlet finished his set and warned his friends. "Move out of the way guys! Katon: Goryuuka no Jutsu!"

Scarlet spewed out a fire dragon towards Tendo's body, while Midnight and Breeze jumped out of the crossfire. Tendo grunted and erected another barrier around him, blocking the jutsu. Scarlet frowned and called for Breeze. "Collaboration time, Breeze!

The blonde nodded and jumped down beside Scarlet. Breeze unfurled her fan, while Scarlet spewed out a giant fireball. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

Breeze smirked and slammed her fan, creating a large gust speeding towards the giant fireball. The flame was consumed and it turned into a hot and white fireball. Tendo gritted his teeth, as he braced himself for the extremely hot fire impact against him, crashing him to a wall.

The duo smirked and high fived each other. Back to Crimson, he noticed the skeleton and tails receding, before the cloak entirely dropped and showed a normal Naruto. The whiskered blonde blinked as he saw a smiling Crimson.

"Crimson? Wh-what happened?"

"Alright! You're back to normal! Tendo's still alive even after your rampage. I'll free us in a moment, I advise you brace yourself." Naruto nodded and crossed his arms over his face.

Crimson took in a deep breath and reopened his Gates, shattering the tree dome around him. The others felt this shockwave of power, being forced to block their face.

"Guess who's back?"

Crimson and Naruto dropped down, making everyone cheer. Tendo frowned and growled. "It seems you are back to your current mind of state. No matter, I will extract the Kyuubi from you and spread peace!"

Naruto frowned and pointed at Tendo. "Your method of peace spreads chaos and war! Ruling the world with fear is insane!"

"Through pain, shall the world only know peace. With the Biju, we'll create a massive weapon that shall spread fear to all nations that will make them quiver to peace."

Azure joined the others, creating a clone to get Hinata out of the crater. Naruto bowed his head. "It doesn't matter! I will still defeat you and avenge Jiraiya-sensei!"

Tendo drew another chakra rod. Naruto held out his hand and began shaping a Rasengan. Midnight, Crimson, Breeze, Scarlet and Azure all placed their hands over the Rasengan and it grew bigger and started mixing into a large elemental chakra attack. Naruto charged at Tendo, who's in a defensive stance.

Naruto jumped and slammed their combined chakra attack towards the last standing path. "Comrade Rasengan!" And boom. An explosion covered the entire area, everyone waiting for it to recede. The five of them saw Naruto standing over Tendo's lying body. The corpse didn't twitch, it didn't move. It could only mean one thing.

They have won.

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