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[ Ninja Exam ] Is it possible to beat 123 with a Water Main?


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I'm level 94 w/ around 75K power and I can't beat this one. I don't have full Water cancer so don't suggest it D:

Of course if I need to upgrade or awaken any of these ninjas, I will.

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with 75K power, you should be able to beat 123, but you might have to change main for a day to do it. Get used to changing main, you will probably have to do it to pass ninja exams from around where you are at until 200.

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It is but bether use team sage naruto gaara gakido wind to pass this and much more exams

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you miss a lot of key ninjas for water main. Hard to give you tips for it, but, theoretically, at your power you should be able to reach exam 200.

anyways, you may just try mabui, darui/edo haku, gnw tenten, you should be able to nuke it at your power.

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