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[ Events ] Sunflower Covenant Forum Event


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Just give the reward for the servers i would say dont make it a region wide event

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UID: 200000083734680

Server ID: S15 Temari

Character name: Jojo

Screenshot of the event Ranking:

 photo Inkedflower_LI_zpsbqzurlzl.jpg

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Server ID: 939 Ninja Cat

Character name: Kesshokage

Screenshot of the event Ranking:


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I dont think this was a bug at all, Oasis knew exacly what they where doing. Think about this, if everyone knew from the beginning that this where a region event not that many would spend this much. So Oasis waits some days to tell everyone about the "bug"..

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UID: 97519770002806724

Server ID: S909:Kyushoku Deer

Character name: UchihaFookU

Screenshot of the event Ranking: #2 Server Time 11:49pmsunflower covenant

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UID: 300036553469344

Server ID: S819 Kirin

Character name: Maru

Screenshot of the event Ranking:


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UID: 300021652481070

Server ID: LA S729 100 healings

Character name: RyanReborn

Screenshot of the event Ranking:


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UID: firexemblem

Server ID: 1007

Character name: firexemblem

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You were seeing the game was gonna get flooded with Tobiramas at a good prize and suddenly there was a bug in the event. Nothing more to add, one more reason to keep my account free, and that makes it 6 months since i recharged, surprisingly my luck on rng has gone down waay 2 much, but thats another thing i hope its not because im not recharging (even the low amount i was at that point), and it's more bcs my luck *s.

With that said, i keep my hopes on Oasis. Even if this has gone all wrong it might have just being a big bug, staff in this game belive it or not is much, much better than in any other browser game i have ever played and they do care about the community or at least it seems, most of his orders probably come from top bosses and the staff can't really do much, so hopes on you and continue the good work, but this things change a lot what would happend in the future. Luck to everyone accepted, you all should get what you paid for, with real money involved, and so many people involved, you can't just leave this as it was a bug (show them something more). If it was me i would prob ask a refund and you couldn't say nothing as i paid for something i didn't get (not even ban accounts), this is a shop after all, if you buy a t-shirt and don't get what u asked for it's the same thing .

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UID: 200000085442247

Server ID: S25 - Itachi

Character name: Takosabi

Screenshot of the event Ranking:


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Sunflower covenant

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SERVER: S843 :Pain's Black Cudgel

NAME: GRsensei


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Just a small reminder. I see a lot of people posting their screenshots without server date and time. And if someone posts server time, it is as separate screenshot. Also, screenshot should contain full event window, not just small part of it.

Please make sure to post it as one big screenshot. Feel free to edit your comments, there is no need to comment again.

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Nick: S865BrookMitoO

ServerID: U.S. East S865:Kunai/ NY




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  • Your Momm On 2018-05-30 17:31:26
  • Screenshot_87

    Why do u even have rules then?

    Cant u just * it up and pay for your mistake?

i agreed with u after we spend a lot money cuz was your fault and mistake cuz never say in the info from the event was Cross server, why not add Edo tobirama free, at the end was all your fault, cuz u never add the info in the event saying was cross server so 1k cps all this is a scam the only reason i didn't call my bank and ask for a refund is cuz im waiting to see what happened but looking all this scam i may be calling to my bank also after spend 400 bucks i didn't have kisame neither Kakuzu lol RNG is really bad with this old ninjas lol Rip i be posting my info later

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sad times......

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UID:200000100871970 server S429 clan hopes

Screenshot (222)

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  • McDonald's On 2018-05-30 17:50:30
  • Nicely done by OASIS. Now instead of a refund, they made it like a contest on who can get 1k coupons. Nicely done. What a clever idea. I don't have words for you people. Also to those P2w people that spent on this event, what would you do now? I bet you guys will make a bluff like ARGHHH I will not recharge again because of this treatment then 3 days later you guys will recharge 20k like the naruto online youtuber? I saw him commented that he knew how the players felt who spent on this event then did a 20k recharge afterward. Nothing will change because you p2w people are only good at bluffing. OASIS knows this that's why they keep on giving you this treatment. It's not in OASIS hands now but it's in your hands instead. Will you take a stand by not giving them money? Or you guys will still recharge and make a BLUFF and let it slide? 100% it will be the 2nd option. I bet those p2w who posted that they will take a stand will surely recharge tomorrow.

    Last and not the least do you guys know that true intention of this forum event? They haven't posted the rankings yet so my guess is they will use this contest to get the forum rankings from you guys. This is only my wild guess.

you all right im with u 100% im one of the affected from the event and im with just 100% like i said people after being SCAM!!! keep spending like nothing thats why overtime they make a SCAM like this is ok cuz the people keep spending instead of complaint if this was in USA i would be sue them for this kind of scam they did, but i can't do nothing just call my bank and make a complete refund from all the time i spend in this game cuz after i was saving 500 bucks for a long time and with out not spending just to found a good event to spend it i get scam lol

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