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If you would like to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights, please contact OASIS at

I cant send my message regarding my privacy issues there.

I just done read the new policies,

There's one concern about it.

Can Oasis didn’t access or copy my personal data,

or even the one provided by third party, which means almost all are my clients?

The laptop contain all my client's information.

Most of it are too confidential for Oasis to get or copy.

Cause it’s even too confidential for public also.

I’d like to have all of the right:

(i) request access to and rectification of Your Personal Data;

(ii) obtain restriction of processing or to object to processing of Your Personal Data;

(iii) ask for a copy of Your Personal Data to be provided to You, or a third party, in a digital format;

(iv) erasure of Your Personal Data if OASIS is not legally obligated to retain the record;

(v)and/or any other rights as permitted by applicable Data Protection Laws.

Thanks for the attention

Name : Shinku

Server : HongKong S214 Substitution Jutsu

GID : 200000092731804

Best Regards,


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