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[ Suggestions ] Ninja tools five natures


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Hi! I think there might be option to "lock" attributes in five natures. Atm I have most of natures matching but I got some that don't match, and if I want to try make them matching I need to destroy 2 matching attributes. I think "lock" function in there could help. It can for example cost 1 stone of rarity you need to use for that tool.naszy

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+1 Rakiri knows what he's talking about, OASIS definitely need to improve the ninja tools aspect of the game by making it possible to lock attributes you don't want to lose.

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hmmm that way everyone would be able to get op 5 natures with all the bonuses that they want in a very short amount of time... it would make the game a lot easier, personally i wouldn't like that very much... the system requires a lot of patience to make it close to perfection and i think that's a challenging concept which needs to be a part of the game... there are already super cancer squads that make life very easy for ppl who don't want to bother doing anything good on here, now imagine that they could fill their whole 5 natures with full ninjutsu... they would heal like crazy, or earth guys would improve resis and start giving out 30k shields like crazy... In my opinion ppl still need some kind of challenge ingame despite the teams that they wanna use. They wanna do full effective cancer? Alright, but they gotta at least work for it

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Hi there,

Thanks for your great suggestion, I have handed it over to the team for consideration =)

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