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[ Events ] Lucky Sn@tch


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Anyone who knows if maxing out the Lucky sn@atch usually gives away the 80 frags ninja?I know it's RNG but I would like to know if anyone has any experience from it?I'm going for the susanoo sasuke frags, but getting kisame would also be nice since I still don't have him.

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Well if you max it out there's a high chance of getting the 80 frags ninja. At least that's what I hope would happen since maxing out the lucky sn@tch wheel would at the very least give you a good chance at getting kisame. But still there's always the chance that you might not get him even after maxing out. If you want to go for susanoo sasuke then go for it if you really want. I estimate it would take about 25k to completely max it out.

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I would like to say maxing gives you the 80 since there kinda no reason to keep spinning if you max even for the ninja. the cost after that far out weighs any benefit the ninja has

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there's no maxing out, is not that after you did 500 rolls you can't anymore roll in it.

btw, the reply is no, you are not granted to get the best reward within 500 rolls.

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I have managed to pull the *80 off lucky * twice, once for masked man and once for deidara both within 100 spins. But I am also one of the people who have been blessed with great RNG. So it's possible to do, but don't count on it. Honestly, lucky * is not one of the events where it's worth going for the ninja since there are several drops are on it that are actually worth less than the 50 coups you put in.

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Yeah, I know the odds of RNG. I've been lucky twice with RNG as well, maybe I can do hattrick now? Lol.
Beside, I'm going for susanoo sasuke frags, so I won't get sad or disappointed if I won't get the 80 frags. I just wanted to hear your experience from it, that's all :)

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I wasn't even going for Kisame when spinning since I already have him and I got the 80 frags of him.

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Well, doesn't really matter anymore. Got 4th raikage from the recharge event so I don't care if I get kisame or not now

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  • Bozz On 2018-05-20 06:51:49
  • Well, doesn't really matter anymore. Got 4th raikage from the recharge event so I don't care if I get kisame or not now

*, bless you brother. I maxed out last lucky *, with tobirama and habibi or w/e. I got 30* sausage off slots.Got 30* habibi and didnt get tobirama. :D So amen for your RNG. GL on pullin 3x Tsuna and 80* Kisame. Praise. :D

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Did 500 spins (maxed it out). I didn't get Kisame or tsunade (got only 60 frags), but as i said I got 4th raikage from recharge event, and it also gave me the remaining 30 susanoo sasuke frags. So overall, I got 2 super rare ninjas for maxing it out

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