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Kushina (Red Hot) Team


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So I just got Kushina from the great plates, and now I need to know if I can make a good team with her, or wait. Here is what I have.

Ninjas Owned 1

Ninjas Owned 2

Ninjas Owned 3

Ninjas Owned 4

Ninjas Owned 5

Ninjas Owned 6

Ninjas Owned 7

And my Summons


All mains are unlocked.

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  • DaroX110 On 2018-05-17 03:56:26
  • My team:

    Iruka - Minato jonin - X

    Earth main - Kushina RH - X

    X - X - X

    Talents: 4,3,1,2,1 with "Demon Fox" summon

    Pretty solid team with a high shield, can burst down hard on 1st round as well as sustain dmg for quite some time. Paralisys and immobile can easly destroy enemy's combo and break their immunity thanks to kushina ability. The more combo and dmg resistance u have the stronger is this team - combo for minato to refresh ability and defence for kushina to stack dmg and refresh mystery as well. The only disadventage i can see atm is that this team is not very automatic - its better to sit before the screen and click skills as well as doing good focus rather than just clicking "Auto" *on.

I don't have Jonin Minato. You can see my list of ninjas.

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