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[ Azure Fang ] i search a team for zabuza edo tensei, garra fifth kazekage or mifune


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Dont have edo zabuza.

Gaara can play well with sage naruto and bee sst. You can change bee to gakido using flood summon and of course our Bae Breeze dancer. You c*so use iruka instead of bee. Fun fact, i finish ninja exam 121-200 using gaara , sage naruto and iruka only. Old meta of earth main using gaara is having gakido and jigokudo. Hmmm i think they call it earth immortal team but it is very old lineup. Lots of shield, revive and clearing debuffs, can be very annoying last 10 rounds. But that is all in the past. Many ninjas today cancels shields and buff so i kinda find earth main useless running the so called immortal team. I also see gaara with kushimaru team with edo jinpachi. I think for buffing kushinaru if u dont have onoki. Danzo is better though (skillbroken can buff wind ninjas).

Mifune is more likely the clone of midnight blade. Every skill he has can be found in midnight kit skill with the exeption of mystery. I found also a long time ago with old meta that earth main can pair with mifune but i strongly disagree. He best pair with midnight all the time. I run mifune team for a long time in the past using mifune, guy, and danzo. Or mifune, darui, kimimaro. He more likely deadly with all the buffs. To bad mifune is earth ninja. If you dont have danzo/darui, as long as it buffs like iruka or guy works well too. Too bad blitz team nowadays has many counter like breeze dancer or masked man or shisui teams. So i find him useless in pvp. But u c*ed him in ranked battle.

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