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[ Azure Fang ] i search a team for zabuza edo tensei, garra fifth kazekage or mifune


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I use Edo Zabuza in left-middle, Mangetsu in left-bottom, Mei in middle-bottom and Midnight Blade in right-bottom. I use Lighting Main's combo starter mystery, his Calm Mind standard, Repulse to Knockdown, Anbu Tactics, Root, Bull(Knockdown to Repulse) and Pakkun (Summon Mystery).

How it functions:

Zabuza will have Root and Dodge, the rest have only Dodge. Zabuza is standing out in the open except Mangetsu's clone above him. Zabuza has double leech thanks to his own standard leeching 75% of the damage done. Lighting Main gives Zabuza the chakra, and Mangetsu gives him his technique points to do his mystery every round.

How to play with it:

Use Mangetsu on Zabuza to use Zabuza every round. Use Lighting Main in 2nd round for combo starter (anti-dodge because Pakkun) and Mei in 3rd round for combo starter. Don't forget that you can target someone with Zabuza's mystery to controll someone with blindness, works great against Edo Deidara or healers for example.


Clones will use up all of Zabuza's standards. Immunity might be a problem but not so much. Team damage depends mainly on Mei barrier. In round 3 things can get risky because you have no way to get rid of debuffs, here it is espeacially important that Zabuza locks down the dangerous enemy ninja. Mei and Mangetsu aren't immune.


Great Dodge, lots of fixiated standards by Zabuza which can end the battle very fast, Edo Deidara stands no chance without Jinpachi, Anti-Dodge mystery by Lighting Main in second round, Zabuza double leech and every round controlled blindness with 3 standards.

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Mangetsu is sort of a must for Edo Zabuza if you want to use his mystery effectivly every round. Zabuza's damage isn't all that great (espeacially with clones like I mentioned earlier) so a barrier is highly recommended. Ninjas with water barriers: Haku, Edo Tensei Haku, Mei and Darui. Otherwise I guess you could also use your Water Main buff instead.

By the way, do you have Jinpachi? He gives an additional standard to Zabuza + removes debuffs.

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