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When will there be more chances to get some of his frags? I'm at 76.

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I support this. Even if i have 5 starred him, his frags hold so much value in the fragments refine tool.

You have really high chance to get 2 to 4 seals every 6 frags.

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He's always available in Crazy Slot Machine so waiting for that event to come is your target .. Except if they plan to put Sasuke[Susano'o] again in other events like they did last time in the Lucky Star Wheel ..

@Shryke - yes bro, tho i do not have him .. but i saw onetime here in forums, someone posted an image of his Fragments Refine window with Sasuke[Susano'o] in it, the points are crazy and it's so high .. (i forgot what's the post about, but i think he's asking if is it okay to refine the frags or keep it for skillbreak something)

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