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[ Lineup ] lineup help


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I will be getting Jonin Minato anytime soon so any suggestion on my proposed lineup

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Keep in mind Jonin Minato doesn't have the Jinchuriki tag, so he won't get a shield from Killer Bee.

I would also add that Jonin Minato is generally a slot 1 ninja, so you can get full use of his interrupt.

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Get masked man. Jonin minato synergizes with konoha exclusive ninjas like masked man, shisui and kushina habanero. Its kinda hard to pull the most potential of minato if not paired with event ninjas.

Dont get kisame fusion, edo deidara, grudge kakuzu. They are so bad with jonin minato unless you change your hitter from minato to deidara. They just dont synergize well with minato.

If youre f2p then i see most lineup that uses minato has iruka and kurenai with wind main flower guard. Or change iruka to gaara(any gaara)

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