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[ Events ] One Ingot Sales


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Hello.quick question about the one ingot sales event

Let's say a not so popular item , like summer youth clothing , never reaches the 50 participations needed , and stays at phase 1 forever

Let's also say that you decide to participate once (50 ingots for 1 participation) and at Wednesday 02:00 the total participations are 10

1)Is the "lottery" gonna take place between the 10?

and if not

2)Am i gonna get the 50 ingots back ?

Thanks in advance

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you get the 50 ingots back in coupons

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i consider this event real gambling, should be altogether removed from the game.

To not be gambling you should get back the ingots in coupons even if you don't win, not only if the required goal is not reached.

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So far based one my friend's experience, he spent his ingots in this event like about 6/10 for the prize. And in the end, someone else got the reward and he didn't get the coupons back.

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this is one of the worst event so far, oasis should remove this forever. This is pure gambling, only 1 person will get benefit and others will suffers, the ingots just vaporized.Admins should contact the developers to remove this event. Thats it if we still assuming the admins and developers are sane

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No,you dont get it back.I accidentally recharged a dollar on my alt instead of my main account once,and i never got anything back or nothing.

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You dont ingots back. You only get ingots back if there is not enough players that participate in the event.

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