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[ Scarlet Blaze ] for fire main ninetails


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would shiba mystery with fire mains pheonix fire be better or say pakkun with dragon flame?

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Pakkun does not tag the 9 tails. So, he is useless.

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  • Pakkun does not tag the 9 tails. So, he is useless.

at least he give a little extra damage

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For me, what i did is i took Monkey King .. I'm using Firemain with Hashirama Skillbroken, AsumaWB and Iruka (1-2-1-3-4) with Tonton Summon .. Usually, my team only last for about 4 rounds since the only enhancement i'm using is the 30k coins power-up .. Without any Summon Mystery Skill, my Main Character can only use his Mystery Skill twice :

Round 1 : Hashirama's Barrier then Main Character's Mystery Skill

Round 2 : Asuma's Mystery Skill

Round 3 : Main Character's Mystery Skill and Iruka's Mystery Skill

Round 4 : Hashirama's Barrier

Then the Ninetails will use his Tailed Beast Bomb, making the team die but most of the time, Iruka stays alive since he can evade it. (Retreat)

With the use of Monkey King Mystery Skill, which has 3 round cooldown, it produces 1 Oboro Clone when you use your skill at the 3rd round and makes your Main Character's Mystery Cooldown reduce 1 cooldown time and with that, your round 4 will be

Round 4 : Hashirama's Barrier and Main Character's Mystery Skill

I dunno how the other Summons works since what i only have are the summons Monkey King, Pakkun and Giant Katsuyu .. If the other Summon's Mystery Skill can deliver more damage than the Main Character's Mystery Skill then it's better for you to use other Summon's Mystery but if its not, then better get Monkey King .. (My Main's Skill can deliver 180k up to 240k damage per use, which i believe Summon's Mystery Skill that can deal damage cannot attain, tho that's only my assumption, its for you to try if that's really the case)


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I'm doing a few tests myself. I've tried pakkun (it's released in turn 3, when i still have all buffs + shisui's barrier + treasure dmg amp bonus) and it consistently crits at around 650k damage, which more or less is the damage of my main mystery.

I'll try tomorrow gamachu.

I'm not really sure about the monkey king, the double auto on main + additional mystery turn 4 increase the total time before the end of the round, but the damage could be well worth it.

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