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[ Strategy Share ] Best summon mystery for each main?


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Hey guys, pretty straight forward: What is the best summon mystery for each main? I mean, I guess Katsuyu should be the best choice for any main overall, but what about each main. Earth Main's clone by Monkey King seems to be quite nasty.

Thanks in advance. :)

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I'd say it depends more on the line up than a "main"

for example, Pakkun fully upgraded might be better for Death Hidan than say Han/Roshi/Sailor Sakura/Water Main.

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depends, i am using Shiba dog , but i want Katsuyu for example.. Pakkun can help you proc the dodgers and can be used with hokage minato as well, also if you play your main ninja in 1st position lets say water main with shark bomb and neurotoxin pakkun is great. All the summons are wonderful depends your situation and your gamestyle!

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