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[ Lineup ] Calling all f2ps


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Has anyone called you a p2w just because your bp is high, when you're actually f2p? Well, feel free to post your power in the comments of this thread.

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  • newgate446@gmai On 2018-05-05 00:38:35
  • Bragging about you being f2p is sad on so many levels.. to play a game that is free you put so many time into it you having fun and you cant afford anything to support the developers. This is true for all the games you dont need to buy.

This isn't even remotely true. People who are f2p are not necessarily unable to support the developers. (FYI Oasis isn't the developer for this game they are only a publisher). To people who are f2p, it is either a choice or it isn't. To me, web browser games are never worth spending cash on. Especially when they use shops to directly increase power and eventually force you to buy power. I will never financially support such models as the games are rarely even good.

If I was wanting to support the developers to any f2p game, I would only if they don't use a pay to win model and if the game play is good enough.

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A lot of player in my merger server think I spending so much since I started playing.

The reality is I join all events (SWB and Matsu especially) and just stay join even tho its really bad and easy lose in first semester, but it got better since 2nd semester coz my level like 84 to 86 within 9 months meanwhile there's a lot of lv 95-100.

I played since End of Dec 2016.

I got rank top 10 in my merger server with my power.

Well, I leaving my semi F2P title recently.

And started to become JM (Jounin Medal) user, LOL...

This picture I screenshoot last month before I bought JM.

Notes : I bought Monthly Pack since 2nd semester

Rank 6

And this pic is I took after I have my JM and I change my name.


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Took 3 months @SomeoneRandom, @matthor that sounded so discriminating for F2p but true, i cant recharge cuz im poor so cant supp devs p.s. u can lv up just doing 9 tails and wanted everyday if u don't have story plot missions that all i do and im lv 99 my power is way too off for my level if i was P2w i should be 150k + power by now -_-

Earning coups is hard just doing everything available for f2p is only what can i do to get them Dx

P2W are literally what they are... they want the easy life...

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Bragging about you being f2p is sad on so many levels.. to play a game that is free you put so many time into it you having fun and you cant afford anything to support the developers. This is true for all the games you dont need to buy.

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  • Revirie On 2018-05-04 20:56:27
  • Same here im 100% F2P never in my life playing this have even 1 ingot in this account Dx


How... how many months have you been saving for those coupons?

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Same here im 100% F2P never in my life playing this have even 1 ingot in this account Dx


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My Groupmates Doubted me if im really a F2P ahahahha since im top 3 in a merge(4 servers) w/ 126k main team power (131k highiest).

But i never got Lucky w/ RNG event and they always tease me that i dont need event ninja to win but i do get Rare ninja from boxes(Mission/Luckyboard) i got Hashirama,Tobirama,Hiruzen,100 puppets and Playboy. also bought Sailor Sakura and Hanzo w/ my save coupons.

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I have 53k bp at lvl 79.. is that even considered as strong ?

Anyway i don't hv any rare ninja as i hv *ty luck in this game..just yesterday i pulled 4300 coupons for edo deidara & i didn't get him. Few months back i spent 3000 coupons on tobirama & didn't get him either

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  • Rom Reckt On 2018-04-24 08:30:12
  • I got called a P2W because I got lucky with Hokage Minato...does that count?

Well no since if you got him in a event by luck then no your not pay to play.since I myself have minato and I got with atleast 300 coupons which was *ely insane but eh it works

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Hatori Hanzo: Lv 83. 58.2k (note: most people that message me are my lv but 10k-12k lower in power)

I was never called pay to win but a lot of players have asked me how I got my power so high. I told them that I don't worry about the ninja I have, I just work on everything that gives me permanent power. Meaning anything that increases your power no matter what ninja you use. Like magatama, refinment, charms, runes, and so on. and i use my coupons on anything i can until cost per point is too high to continue spending on that specific thing whatever it was at the time. For example Magatama I would do the Ninja exam but also spend coupons to help me get that particular gem to as high as i could from week to week. until the cost to lv it was in my eyes too high. then i would move on to something else. like watching for cheap cave key gift packs and using my daily calendar points on refinement runes but making sure to keep everyone's armor as close to the same refinement lv as i can. stuff like that.

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not because my power but people asked me how much i spend to get my team which i get it for free (except sailor sakura), it's not an outrageous team either sailor sakura, han, roshi with water main

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My problem is having high stars on semi P2W characters. I am completely F2P with a seemingly solid 58k, level 80.


I have Konan 5 star, maxed breakthrough, and by mostly luck, Hokage Minato 4 Star. They make for a deadly combo... Here's the story... I got him twice in lucky stars wheel, and I was so happy that I had got him not once, but two times. He's very useful and him and Konan really make for a deadly duo.

But Hero... That's only 80 frags into 4 starring him...

I saved my coupons and bought him piece by piece in events... No one cares, but this is my story...

(Not a single cent spend, not even for Gaara...)

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For those talking about event ninjas from rng, I raise you the luckiest dude from my server. So for a total of around 8k coupons he got: Jonin Minato, Masked Man, Kage Minato, Shisui, Shark Kisame and Edo Deidara. Needless to say that any of this ninjas alone outside rng events is worth more than 8k.

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  • Rom Reckt On 2018-04-29 05:31:54
  • I have both as well, managed to pick up Hokage Minato when I was finishing Jonin Minato :c

same with me on lucky on my life minatto kage and i spend coupon and bond for Minato Jonin

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I am BP 108K and 92K.

Nobody call me P2W outside arena cause they see my growth.

But i meet many player said i am rich,on Arena Like to said Amen to them hope so.

But they really make me laugh sometimse cause they said that when see me hinata gnw , darui, sasuke playboy and kill them 1 round (On Arena ).

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Heres something for each and everyone of you kids.


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  • RedTyphoon On 2018-04-29 03:58:14
  • You think that's bad I have both Minatos and I'm F2P

I have both as well, managed to pick up Hokage Minato when I was finishing Jonin Minato :c

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  • singsong On 2018-04-28 12:31:34
  • i got called P2W because im a P2W

* singsong lol

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-04-26 18:04:28
  • And him and other people that replied to you are telling you that the term you are using refers to a division in 3 categories of the players base. If you want to divide the players base in two categories only, as you are implicitly doing, then the right term to call who is not a f2p is p2p (pay to play).

    It's you that are using the term p2w and not the term p2p.

    Low cashers and high cashers are both p2p but only high cashers are p2w.

    As long as you continue to use the term p2w you'll incur in the misunderstanding that leads almost everybody that reads your sentence in thinking you are talking about high cashers only.

    I hope now you understood.

That's not how p2p (pay to play) works. p2p is like a monthly subscription (world of Warcraft) or a one time payments like AAA games etc. while this technically is p2p players in this tencent game aren't paying to ''play'' they are paying to (hopefully) ''win'' even a low spender doesn't pay because they like oasis or tencent they pay because they want to ''win'' over as many players as possible in pvp. also there is no ''three categories'' in this game there are 2 kinds of players pay to win who will always pay to win and stay number 1. I have seen so many players spend thousands just to enter that top 128 which was clear to everyone that it was a cash grab but they still did it because they wanted to win be at the top. the thing is this game's player base can be divided into 3-4 categories because there is a huge disparity between mild spenders and heavy spenders. you get Everything if you recharge 30-40k ingots but if you recharge 2-5k you don't even get 5% of the whole rebate for example. another example is in order to claim the jounin medal rebate 888cp you need to have already bought the medal once and used it for 6 months! the events in this game are clearly designed for high spenders or p2w plus I have also noticed that No one like to be called p2w in this game even if they are clearly p2w (they actually get offended) I think deep down everyone knows the events are way too overpriced.

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