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[ Lineup ] Calling all f2ps


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I never experienced getting called P2W since my main account is not that lucky, tho i experienced it with my 2nd main account, where i have Minato Hokage and some rares from Kage Treasure, that time some other players asking me if i'm a P2W because i have such ninjas ..

Anyways, i'm one of those players who calls themselves F2P since i never spend, not even a cent in this game .. But do you think i'm still in this category if i told you that my account was already did recharged once, 150 ingots recharged by my Former Group Leader just to transfer or impeach his character (Since his account was locked by Oasis - Shthappened and my leader got screwed to the highest level by the game) and transfer the leadership to me .. Am i still F2P? or i'm a P2W now? ..

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