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[ Lineup ] Calling all f2ps


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  • IchimaruzOr On 2018-04-24 17:31:13
  • Happens quite often due to majority of the spenders being bad. Most f2ps end up learning the game if they want to make progress, while the spenders buy 200$ outfits and throw stats on all 4 chars. Main reasons for being called out were; pulling a kage super, having better refines due to running blitz with a stacked position 1 during 1.0, 2.0, and some time during 3.0, but alas, back then I was met with only bad assumptions. Not even freezing over here, yet people who can't understand the basic parts of the game go around bashing "better" players.

I did not understand, you are suggesting to f2p to aim after one year of playing for a 35k move 1 and 3 20k move 2-3-4 instead of a 31k move 1 and 3 27k move 2-3-4? because this is what you get by not decently spreading with how low are the resources a f2p get. Any decent 20$ per month low casher would own you in two rounds if owns even +1 initiative.

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  • Rom Reckt On 2018-04-26 14:52:08
  • I'll repeat this again.

    If you're spending cash to gain an advantage its pay to win. The amount doesn't even matter. I'm not knocking on p2w players mind you, just stating a fact.

And him and other people that replied to you are telling you that the term you are using refers to a division in 3 categories of the players base. If you want to divide the players base in two categories only, as you are implicitly doing, then the right term to call who is not a f2p is p2p (pay to play).

It's you that are using the term p2w and not the term p2p.

Low cashers and high cashers are both p2p but only high cashers are p2w.

As long as you continue to use the term p2w you'll incur in the misunderstanding that leads almost everybody that reads your sentence in thinking you are talking about high cashers only.

I hope now you understood.

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