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Hi I am BorutoUZumaki of server 1! I am also the leader of Moshimo! A very small group in s1 and we are looking for active players I am currently cleaning out the group (kicking inactive players) and I just started leveling this group up. I took over leadership earlier this morning when the group was Level 1 and now it is a Healthy level 4. Anyway if you are active and in s1 and looking for a group reply below and i will get you situated! Thanks and have a wonderful rest of your day!!! P.s The forum wont let me read replies so if you are interested in joining Pm me in game

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I'm sure most of you experienced job seekers know that this is a bit scammy and that the general gist of these places is to get you to sign up for courses.

jiofi.local.html tplinklogin is it down

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