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[ Help ] speed training


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i am 47k and i am struck at speed training first ninja have 2248 initiative ,second ninja have 2379 initiative .third ninja have 2206 initiative and 4th ninja have 2204 initiative.can someone plz help and send me videos of how to defeat them.they deal about 15k damage and i just cant resist it

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Speed training is programmed in such in that its pretty much impossible to beat until one of your ninjas has initiative higher than the suggested. As soon as that happens, the code kicks in and the difficulty drops back to more reasonable levels.

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You can beat it with 400 initiative lower than the suggested. Heres a tip: use wind main and use the s3xy harem jutsu passive that is if the opponent is not immune to debuffs. I cleared speed training using wind main.

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You dont need 4 ninjas to exceed speed recommendation, focus 1 ninja that has high speed n everything will be fine

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just split ur initiative rune from other 3 ninjas and magata or rainbow magatama if u want, and stack it and use it on ur 1st move ninja. After ur battle cleared, u can split it back and give it to the 3 ninjas

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just use a team with 1 tank and 2 -3 healer. those ninjas in speed training are fast but incredibly squishy. I ran hinata, fire main , tsunade sannin, and kabuto (i think) and put em on auto.

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can I complete it if I remove all my initiative rune and keep it for main.he is 1st action with lightning armour and high attack and ninjutsu

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