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[ Events ] Lucky snat'ch vs Susano Sasuke


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I was so hyped when I saw SS in the lucky snat'ch and I was gonna max it out. More hyped than when I got Hokage Minato.

Thought that I would probably get Tobirama and some frags for susano itachi in the process as well as a bonus.

Lucky for me that I counted the total obtainable frags of SS and saw that you only get 50 frags and not 80 as I thought, which stopped me from maxing it out.

Can someone explain why we only get 50 frags of Susano Sasuke by maxing the Lucky snat'ch and not 80?

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I hear you all, but there is a difference between Naruto nine tails frags and any other ninja. Most people who has naruto 9 tails has it in 2* stage (including me), and it "only" requires 50 frags to upgrade it to 3* (4 tails), which is more than desired by most players (if you are not a heavy spender and want the best). He is definitely one ninja that I will get one day, but he is not a priority right now and I wouldn't bother to upgrade it after 4 tails stage either.

Which brings us back to this event where we only get 50 frags of SS.
As someone wrote before about getting the remaining 30 frags from the RNG, my theory is similar. Maxing it out requires 25k cps/ingots, and you will probably have to recharge 25k to max it out which gives you 250 spins in RNG. That can give you the remaining 30 frags and might also give the 4th raikage (which I doubt highly). But as most of you know, RNG is one of the worst events for unlucky players, even if you are a p2w player. And I also don't have to recharge to max it out so the RNG is out of the equation for me.

Jib Edit: Hi! I understand how you feel as Sasuke Susano'o is not the easiest to obtain aside from getting him as a Super Rare from Kage Treasure. It is because he is a Super Rare that there are 50 fragments of him that is obtainable. There will be future events where you c*so obtain his fragments.

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