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  • xxMihai On 2018-04-18 17:55:42
  • I hope it's missions event too, with masked man and jonin. It's about time.

I want this

Mainly because I'm 10 frags off of my Jonin Minato, and I want to get working on my next project too.

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  • Qv On 2018-04-18 21:32:18
  • Fateful Choice Optional Pack is much better than putting Minato Jonin or Masked Man individually .. But i do also like Mobilization Event since my Hashirama is from there, two times .. Maybe Charm Rebates will be on next cycle too, Lucky Stars with good redeem items i hope .. And Fukurokumaru Deal's at the same time for coupon spenders ..

I like it for a number of reasons

1-It motivates you to interact with other players.

2-The amount of points you get for free lets you get at least something pretty decent, as the highest is 1050 points, which can get you 30 frags for the lowest tier ninja, depending on how much they're worth (35 per frag, I believe)

3-The rewards are usually pretty darn good

4-They give you a total of 70 free boxes, which you may get one of the two prize ninja in there, which is a good thing.

And a personal reason

5-I've gotten my 100 puppets Sasori, Tendo, and Tobirama in the boxes, and Kushina from redemption. 20, 300, and 200 coupons respectively for the box ninja.

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