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[ Lineup ] Bored and want to try out a new lineup


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K, so I've been toying with various cancer teams, some Jinchuuriki teams, as well as some other misc. teams here and there. And lately I've been thinking of trying something new. These are what I have. Gaara's 4/5 broken through (only missing 2nd Defender of Land of Wind breakthrough), Kurenai and Neji are both fully broken through. For summon, I'm still missing Kirin, KoH, Crab and Tortoise, but got everything else. Also open to main change, I've spent a decent amount of time on Fire, Wind and Water main. Although I don't feel much for Earth and Lightning, I'm also open to changing to them as well.Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


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It would be helpful to list what teams you have used before. I might have suggested the hidan-roshi-lightning-killer bee team or a "uchiha buff" team with sasuke susanoo, anbu itachi and iruka/danzo or many other teams you may have used in the past.

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Run the immortal team. BP Hidan, Roshi, Killer Bee 7 sword.

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I see that you're currently running a water main. I wish I could recommend you the team that I'm currently using, but you're missing 2 of the components.

But I'll still go ahead and spill the beans. You can choose to hear me out, or don't. It's your choice and no harm to come either way.

I'm currently running Mu (3 stars), Akatsuki Orochimaru, Water Main and GNW Sakura, in that movement order. As you can see, it's not going to cost you a bomb. Very achievable even as a F2P. The whole gimmick came about because I thought it'd be funny to have two self-reviving characters in my team.

Generally, I'll try to immobilise as many of my opponents as I can with Mu and Orochimaru. Poison Tai is used for damage as well as to bait out Mirror Return. I picked GNW Sakura because if her slugs die, it'll generate more chakra for me to do more AoE with.

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