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Kakazu Bonds Mission Bug


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Platform : Mini Client (also does it on Chrome)
Server number : S-61 Moegi
Character name : MikotoSenju
UID : 200000086208898

Description of the problem you are experiencing : I level Kakazu up to bonds level 15 in the Home interface and was given the mission for attaining that level (1st screenshot). When I accept the mission it moves my character to the Crow Forest on the map and stops moving the character once I reach it. I cannot collect the 5 fragments, 15 coupons, and 1 cave key.
Screenshot of the error page :

Operating system : Windows
Screen resolution : 1366 x 768
Your computer time zone and your country : Central Time Zone, USA
Are you using VPN ? : No

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The Kakuzu Mission issue was tested and Hidan NPC was found, even when attempting to Auto it.

You'll have to contact CS through the client ("?") and explain the situation to them, provide screenshots of the error and even provide a Logfile of the issue. How to find logfile: After encountering bug, please do not refresh or relogin, you can do so using the following method: type“hylogfile”anywhere while playing the game (without “” and without typing it in the chat box),and then save the file which pops out when you enter it. Afterward, include it in your ticket and it'll be investigated.

Hope you understand!

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