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Great tree lies about rewards.


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I want to point this out. the great tree lies about rewards other players have got from the others reward section. it shows players who have been inactive for months as getting rewards despite that being impossible for them to claim them. also after checking this with other accounts the rewards don't match up for what has been got on each account.

if this does this for this event. it is also likey that it's also done with cross sever events showing fake information about who is getting what.

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The Rewards Section is like a History Page of the Konoha Great Tree where all players got rewards are logged in there .. So if you are seeing some names that got some rewards that is not available in the current tree then that's just the list from the previous tree .. The event does not lie about the rewards, you just misunderstood how the Rewards Section works .. I for example, can still see my old name in the tree where i got some rewards from the past konoha tree ..

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I can vouch for this as well. It still has records of when I pulled itachi frags from it almost 5 months ago despite the fact that I haven't pulled that deep into the tree since then.

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Currently, Great Tree informs of previous rewards gained from a higher level of trees from previous events.

Itachi and Tendo were featured in last Great Tree and if there are players on your server that went for them, it'll display till that section of the Great Tree is met once again.

It's not necessarily lying. Just keeping track of previous rewards.

However, I've reported it and if confirmed to be a bug, Will make sure to get it fixed.

Thank you!

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