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Is this real person? lvl 90 50k bp from s42 never seen in any action, has this ninjas.


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I guess, yes .. It is possible that the posted image of an account is really existing in the game because you've just captured a screenshot of it .. jokes aside, that account might be a dummy account of someone, who only opens their account to spend the Coupons from the Will of Fire comeback event .. Just like what the other players are doing this days to fish some rare ninjas from wheel events .. So that's the case also of why you didn't see it in action .. Or maybe there's other reason, reason that the owner only knows ..

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Name changing probably? but by looking at it , it probably what QV said , or he already got those ninja and unactive after that come back with differ name .

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i just dont get the point of getting event ninjas and never compete in any competition

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