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[ Suggestions ] reduce the cap of people per sage battlefield


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I think if the cap is brought to 36-45 people per battlefield (so 12-15 per faction) this feature would be fairer and more entertaining since the difference in power too between the players taking part in it would be even acceptable.

What is the point of overhoarding the battlefields with 75-90 people when 50+ of them do not stand any chance and mostly go afk or stay on auto hoping to be in the winning side?

I know is very hard to rethink wholly the way sage works to make it fully power based, but changing one single number from 30 to 12 or 15 should not be that hard to implement.

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  • ZWen On 2018-04-19 18:03:58
  • I’m not sure if you notice this but recently I realized sage is even worst in china. I saw a video of a china dude using a lv 93 account with 300k bp and stomp everyone in his sage. Guess what? It’s cross server sage and he can meet lv 70 player there, so it’s mean the level limited we have here is not exist on china version. And no, it’s not based on bp either because he only need to one hit k.o everyone with hiruzen. It’s like the system over there just grab a bunch of random players and put them into the field.

    So be glad that we at least have something fairer here instead of crying about it all the time.

It fully depends on the bracket.

The older your server is the older the bracket is and the lower the quantity of low levels is in comparison with high levels is.

In my bracket for example exist 3 level 100 fields, one level 98-100, one level 96-98, one level 92-96 and the last field is level 1-91. Very likely the guy in china is in a bracket even older than mine where almost none is under level 93 so he gets matched with level 70s for that reason.

Sage is matched first by level and second by power but not in the way you think.

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