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[ Suggestions ] reduce the cap of people per sage battlefield


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  • newgate446@gmai On 2018-04-10 02:27:04
  • Sage war should be based on Power not on lvl. LVL means not much in this game after 70. An lvl 70 with 150k power can beat an lvl 100 with 90k power. Therefore the game needs to select players based on power. This would give a chance to for f2p to gain something other than get stomped on. Wonder if this can be done. Would the power gap between 2 lower power player still be relevant as its on a higher power. It also would bring more diversity in teams other th*ing blitz teams and teams that works only to counter blitz.

I total disagree lot player took hard road of slow their leveling so could win in Sage War it not their fault some just level fast as they can and have no power , what ask done would be total game change and all it would do cost player like me stop playing all together. And dumb ass can level up to max right alone with play to win player and can tell you dumb ass not never going win again them.... your example take in count of ninja ether lot low power player who pay to win have god ninja and make power level total mindless ...I am 60k+ player level 80 face many with 40k level 80 who got god ninja and lose every time , and about only player that have god ninja is pay to win player , but soon or later they going out level and out power me too , pay win does that , does take long and I well be winning more after past me up......

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