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[ Suggestions ] reduce the cap of people per sage battlefield


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  • Garv On 2018-04-07 20:43:03
  • i think a good way to make sage fairer would be to actually freeze the winners for 20-30 seconds instead of the losers and to increase exponentially the cost in coupons to 'unfreeze'.

    Btw, for the OP. I think reducing the number of people per field actually makes the feature fairer than is now since is actually true the difference in power would not be that wide if you have 3 battlefields with 36 people instead of 1 battlefield with 90 (like is now).

    Yes, the 30% lower powers would not feel good regardless but only 2-5 of them would not get any advanced refinement rewards and since the average time per fight would actually increase by a lot in comparison with now would be more appealing to cut streaks of high powers than to select people wholly randomly.

There is a reason why higher power don't attack other players in winning streak - time. It takes a lot less time to fight 2-3-4 lower power opponents than eliminating other top powers. This is obviously scaled thinking that other "top players" are of comparable power. I.e. as a 180k power, i can win against 100k power players in 2 rounds, while fighting another 170+k power would take 6 rounds.

You want to make sage fairer? Drastically increase the rewards for taking down winning streak players and consistenly decrease the one for taking down players in "rage". This would actually incentivate me (and others like me) to fight others top scores.

Unfortunately, sage is all about how fast you can win fights and i see no reason to "maim" my own chance of winning for some kind of morality.

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  • wooferx On 2018-04-08 00:01:55
  • Oh and imagine the rage that if you win four times then you are removed from the battlefield for having too much morale. There is something backwarrd about the game that punished you for losing (freezing you or removing you for low morale) when that is the exact person who needs most help to get stronger. That said, since that doesn't happen too often I don't think I will complain about it but it the number 1 reason some of my group members no longer participate in Sage.

It's a precaution against farming your own alt. Just get your alt in your desired range, unequip all the items, all lvl 1 ninjas and here you have an awesome toon you can oneshot endless times... that's why we have freezing and morale.

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