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Does anyone else wonder why a skill broken konan can dodge 2 standard attack in a round and the Gods of the speed techniques like Tobirama and Minato can not? Not even Shisui has that ability who was also a master at the body flicker technique. Though in this game he doesn't need itInoichi even has a dodge talent too which makes you scratch your head. What do you guys think?

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dodging 2 standards every round and dodging anything once every round arent the same thing. you can get rid of konan with mysteries and chases but you have to bait out shisui/minato/tobirama dodge to do any damage to them

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What does this have to do with character development?

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  • What does this have to do with character development?


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Lol .. that's the essence and the effect of skillbreak of konan .. Konan without skillbreak can only do 1 dodge ..

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Dude is right. Let's give Minato and Shisui at least 5 dodge per round to make up for this INSULT! That will balance those 2 already-broken characters

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Konan has a very special role in the current version. She offers good support for Akatsuki ninja and counters attack and especially mystery reset based ninjas. Kushimaru, KMC Naruto or Jonin Minato hate her. And because of this it's great to own her if you are facing these types of ninja in Space-Time. The reason her dodge works differently is because she is a specialist ninja.

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