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[ Help ] Worth going for Anbu or Missions Event?


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I see anbu in the shops for 70 cps per frag, im 0/50 for it but i wanna try to piece it together. At the same time I wanna make a full cancer control dodge team with Jonin Minato, MM and Shisui and im currently 13/80 for Minato. What would you guys recommend? im 80.7k power so im pretty buff, 5th in my server and i have the uchiha lineup already with anbu itachi so getting power seems like a decent option. which one should i go for?

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anbu cloth is only 3.5K coupons. and you c*so get 7 scratch cards 0.0 but if you want to have more fun. go for minato. he is a beast in the future

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Id say go for anbu :P I followed the opposite path than you I got jonin minato and anbu with my savings 4 monts ago . But now I need masked man and exquisite silk . I went for the clothing this week , mm can wait :P

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anbu will give you about 1200 BP as for jonin minato he isn't that great right now as he has low hp and dies to just about any blitz team.

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80k should start investing on some good event ninjas, but meanwhile power is priority.

I love my Jonin, probably not at his best atm. But he does scale pretty well as long as he lives.

I've also never regretted that I got my Hot Blood Kushina from previous mission event.

Best counter to immunity team. and i got her quite cheap from that event too. Pretty sure her price was less than lucky board.

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Anbu gave around 1200 power at 45k power, so for you it will be even more. I'd say go for anbu, its worth it.

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how about summer, how much power it will give?, is it better than anbu??

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