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[ Lineup ] Help with a Minato Line up!


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So I have both Jonin and Hokage Minato and I'd like some help with some good line ups that are reliable! I'm currently running Hokage Minato with Water Main Jigokudo Pakura. But it obviously has a huge weakness to shisui masked man teams. So I'd like something better to handle those teams easier. Kurenai's only breakthrough is on her chase been lazy to breakthrough her further.

List of Ninjas

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Run Minato with Kurenai and Roshi

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Genjutsu mirror is the best counter to a shisui, so either have that on your main if you intend to keep using fire, or full breakthrough kurenai (she's worth it, use arena points if you dont want to use 90 stamina for the elite instances).

Pakura, Hokage Minato

Fire Main, Regular Gaara (with breakthroughs)

4,3,2,2,1 with Flood Dragon

Gaara to get rid of the Shisui barrier, Pakura to give more attacks, fire main as a support

Shisui and masked man teams (usually paired with an Itachi Anbu) is one of the hardest teams to go against without having a ninja with an immobile or chaos and a dodge. The only other suggestion is to have a roshi, han, Sailor Sakura, Water Main.

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  • Run Minato with Kurenai and Roshi

What main tho?

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I run the following team and its pretty decent with a max combo of 6, which is low i know, however, the tag status makes up for it. Plus it's an interesting fun team to play with.

X Minato X

Pain-Chikushodo Konan X

X Lightnin main X

Ghost Kill Tactics Setup

Skills: Chidori Blade - Shadow; Lightning Assassination Sword; Lai Giri Decapitation; Anbu Special Assault Tactics; Clone Combination Tactics

Summoning Justsu: Rhino

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If you have problems with shisui immune teams i suggest you to use han. Try something like that:Hokage Minato position one- Han pos 2 wich covers water main ( poison tai) and another ninja lime sailor sakura or kurenai

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Han , Roshi, Sailor Sakura, Water main

The best Minato Hokage Teams, are often the teams, without him. 95% have no idea how to play him and the other 5% don't create threats here...

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