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any informations about what summons pet do ; slug = heal dog =clone what crow and monkey do please ?

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monkey king will do clone thechnique thats depend or respective main character. For example, wind main when do summon in battle, the monkey king will change his self to 3 wind main , and for lightning main will change his self to 2 lightning main. So the hp and the amount of clone will depent of main character that used that monkey king summon. Dont forget u need to max out the monkey kings ability to the max to get max benefit of summon skills. For example the max level of pakkun will give tag effect while the lvl 2 dont give tag effect etc.

as for dog summon, it will summon dog clone so its not like monkey king clone skills XD

crow???? u mean gama (i forgot the name, gamatatsu or gamachi lol , i mean the purple frog summon chase the has orange color), it will use water jutsu that will hit the selected ninja and another ninja opponents (so it will hit 2 ninja opponent)

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