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[ Lineup ] Kisamehada


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Gee, been long since I was here... even longer since I asked for advice :x

So, I rolled a Kisamehada with some magic luck, and got no clue how to go about using the fella.

Got a few ideas from Discord, but I would appreciate any input, as I have close to no idea on how to use him, and will be doing a few days of mainchanging to see if I can get a Kisame team that surpasses Kushi team (just rly wanna dump LM, and use sth else :x)

My ninjas below, thanks in advance ;)

mah ninjas

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Well I was attempting to make a water Blitz team with him, Sadly he'll overwrite Mei's Barrier so I came up with

Konan Ao x
Water Main x Kisame Fusion
x x x

Talents: 3 2 3 1 2
Summon: Gamaken

If you had Edo Deidara, you wouldn't have to use Ao.

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hmm...if the shark units count towards buffing Chojuro, you could use a team like that.

Ao Shark Kisame

Water main Chojuro

3,2,4,1,2 Gamaken

I did see someone on my server doing a crit bomb Water main

Sailor Sakura Water Main

Kurenai Shark Kisame

2,2,3,2,3 Monkey King

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Well , I don't know how efficently you c*e him, especially since you don't have Edo Deidara and I personally think he goes best with him.

I can recommend some teams to try out and experiment, have fun

Kisame - roshi - sailor - Water Main

Jonin Minato (pos1) - Kisame (pos2) - Kurenai - Wind Main

Jonin Minato (pos1) - Kisame (pos2) - Pakura - Water Main

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you c*e something like this (with the other minato instead of hokage ) but still the kushimaru team is more stable due to the immunity and its debuff clearing from jinpachi (with harem jutsu instead of queen i have no idea why that talent is there)


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Water *X Kisame

Kurenai Sailor *X

This team iam actually using, summon : Monkeyking

talents : 3 2 3 3 2

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Hello guys,
I know Im necroing this one, but I think there is no reason to start a new topic with similar question...

I was thinking lately about team which would use Ay (3rd), Kisamehada, Roshi and Water main.
Talents would be 3-2-4-3-4, so Full heal, 10 combo chase, ninja tools for some extra heal and evasion to make sure water has a change to survive.
the setting would be:

A - x - x
W - K - x
R - x - x
The idea is chakra supply, double barrier break, roshi 30combo spam...
problem are the dodging teams, What do you think? could that team work?

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