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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 29th of March


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oasis could atleast give new skillbreakthrough for ninja like itachi akatsuki, or tsunade sannin war or roklee. Unfortunately they are just so * and think the kakashi anbu can satisfied players LMAO. Actually we dont really need that kakashi anbu. U better give us a new feature like upgrading in ninja exam/ultimate training/summon in battle/new shop/bond mystery/new battle event (i forgot the name, in german server they had already long a go brough it, its the battle in land of wind map that can give cave key, coupons and coins)

they should atleast listen to players base request

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  • StonnyMc On 2018-03-28 23:25:04

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Now that scratch card event was kind of a joke last time. On our server cluster not one person got a village card. And asking around on other server clusters, I did not find anyone who got even one village card. So we are talking about numbers of entire servers and server clusters who spend thousands of coupons and did not get a single village card among the whole. Is that something we can expect again this time around?

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Yay Anbu Kakashi. I was wondering when he might come. I just wonder is he 2 stars or 3 stars. I like rest events too.

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No RECHARGE events huh??? When will you guys learn.... :P Ok spending events, but no good if there are not any recharge events as well, at least for me anyway :( oh well.

Any link to team suggestion for Kakashi Anbu and what his skills are?

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events r good tho, 2 new ones at same week yeah good

but u said you we will update at least something this month where is it ?
and dont fk with me u and say its the * new group summon cuz its * said at naruto 3-0
not naruto 5-0 u really dont fkin care about players -_-

germany r much better than this * ver

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This breaks my heart. I fill out the feedback every week and I do not see any of the feedback being applied. Furthermore, I just cannot figure out why it is so difficult to add some skill books for some of the old ninjas... WHAT IS YOUR BUSINESS PLAN? If there are any business majors on this forum, could someone enlighten me as to why Oasis is behaving like this because they are really turning me off to spending. Thank you.

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Looks like a good week ^^ Hope for a some new skillbreaks in the future

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i very hope kushina red habanero at mission dealer, please....

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  • S:339 Gale fan On 2018-03-29 00:16:19
  • No RECHARGE events huh??? When will you guys learn.... :P Ok spending events, but no good if there are not any recharge events as well, at least for me anyway :( oh well.

    Any link to team suggestion for Kakashi Anbu and what his skills are?

this. where is the recharge event?

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Everlasting bonds and wishing lanterns are the most badly designed events BY FAR . Time consuming with no reason and bad rewards . Would it hurt to have Fishing mania or myoboku trial intead of those 2 ?. Forcing us to do TI with a friend for 7 days in a row like you did during Valentine's day week ? I've been playing for 15 months now , i am done with my reforging , so i do Bro easy solo just for the item exp ...And the "hey , you c*so do the event by winning in decisive bonds is NOT the answer"

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Can we get another vanilla ninja's skill breakthrough at least? Maybe the Zombie-combo's?

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suitable for line up itachi (anbu), masked man, danzo and his main character lightning

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"...previous greenly scenery of Konoha!"

i wish you can make it really green. all i can see it's like road of sand

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  • Erevos On 2018-03-28 21:46:39
  • So the NEW FEATURE is something we ought to have 5 months ago? AY LMAO


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  • IchimaruzOr On 2018-03-28 21:32:59
  • Daiske, where's the god* new function you said we'd get? You literally said "By the end of March, you'll get at least one new feature", so, where is it?

Yeah... who knows it could've been fake for all we know

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Oh...another Kakashi...

Oh....a "New" event, the fire temple ain't new, it's just running it's 2nd run.

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still waiting for the mood system update that you guys said we would get last year want to give a time on that or do you people think we do not remember.

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April's Daily Sign in:

Hebihime [Amber]

C'mon Daiske, wrong Hebihime!

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Masked Man on mission dealer please

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