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[ Suggestions ] Fix Decisive Bonds


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Bonds has been broken for the longest already. Can ya'll fix it so its matched by power. Just today I couldn't do bonds since we kept facing a 200k

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If it matched by power, Kozo would never get fights lol. It's hard to balance matchmaking in a game that has a P2W aspect.

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Is not that hard, would be enough that worked like arena and that rewarded not only for winning matches but also for challenging matches. What discourages people from going in there is the fact if you are not friend of a whale not only is impossible to even win once but is really hard also to get the 10 or 20 kills reward that are the very minimum rewards. Last time i tried, two months ago, took me and my friend, both 110k at the time, 1 hour to kill 30 ninjas and to get 1 win, it is definitely a too long time to not be discouraging.

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