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Why we need lord AO! OASIS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


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This is the AO we need on Naruto online.

His ultimate attack. it should cost 0 chakra and take out a whole team.



then we have his standard attack. hits the whole team and does ingiht with katon bullets (fire *)

Defender of the Hidden mist 2,0

Ninjutsu absorbing

Light saber chase combo

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  • Resilliance On 2018-03-27 07:23:09
  • Yes, while we're at it, lets make all his passives just "MACHINE GUN" instead, and his standard, and his mystery!


machine gun and light saber.


and is mystery is RATATATATATA from solar powered sun blast.

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  • Hokage Izumi On 2018-03-27 12:20:02
  • Ao * tho.

    How he survived but waifu Mabui died is ridiculous.

AO can't die. the man tanks a blast that destoyed a country. 3 rasengans an guy who *n himself up trying to kill AO. an 4000 pound frog smashing him on to come back and kill the guy who smashed him with a screwdiver.

The man is a god.

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