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[ PVP ] Zetsu army in arena


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I've tried near everything to make zetsu work reliably. He has a very strong mechanic. Full power clones, only weak in health. The only problem is that he *s. By the time you can activate his ability the match is already basically decided. Either you are toying with an opponent you could have beaten more easily with a different team or already hopelessly crippled. Any aoe ruins it since the clones start out super weak. You need to use a slot on a ninja to generate chakra if you want to use him before the third round but the battlefield cooldown keeps you from using him round 1 regardless, and after you do use him you better hope you had at least two surviving clones because the cooldown is enormous. The only advice I can give anyone hoping to find a worthwhile lineup with him is kisame. The interrupt helps you survive the first round and the chakra helps you cast in round 2.

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