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[ Fanfiction ] Fight Against Pain: Confrontation (Rated T)


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Naruto gritted his teeth as all Six Paths of Pain looked upon him and his friends. Konoha was destroyed, his senseis were dead. He was sure that at least half of the citizens were dead or gravely injured. He started to clench his hand in anger. His head shot up as Tendo's voice rang out.

"You are a fool, Naruto Uzumaki. Surrender now, and we juar may spare what's left of Konoha."

Naruto looked angry at this and shouted out. "Never! I don't leave my friends, or my village behind! I'm not something lower then thrash! If I have to fight you till my death to save the village, then so be it! I will avenge Jiraiya-sensei dattebayo!"

Midnight nodded as he and the rest went to Naruto's side. "We're with you Naruto. Let's beat these fools and show them why it was foolish to invade Konoha!"

The Paths looked boredly at the six, their cloaks flappping against the wind. Crimson smirked and settled himself into his battle stance "Each of us one on one, huh? This is gonna be fun!"

Midnight rolled his eyes. Naruto glared harder at the six Rinnegan bearers, chakra beginning to form in his hands. Scarlet formed a hand seal, the colors around them started to invert, before it went back to normal. Crimson formed a hand seal as well, boulders clapping on them, before it crumbled, showing that it formed a protective layer on their skin

Breeze crossed her fingers, forming multiple Kage Bushins around her, while Azure formed one. The chakra in Naruto's hand grew larger and turned into the size and shape of a Fuma Shuriken.

"Futon: Rasenshuriken!"

The other five paths jumped out of the way, while Tendo merely looked at the incoming projectile and side stepped to dodge. To his shock, the Rasenshuriken disappeared in a puff of smoke and was replaced with Naruto. Naruto sprung a kick, causing Tendo to cross his arms, blocking Naruto's kick, making him skid across the ground

Naruto landed and pointed at the path in front of him. "Your fight is with me Pain!"

Tendo dusted himself and looked back at Naruto. "Very well." Two long black rods shot out of Tendo's sleeves. He grabbed both of the rods and twirled it. "Now you shall now the true meaning of pain, Naruto Uzumaki."

Jigokudo moved himself to back up Tendo, but found himself constricted by a tendril of water, before being pulled back down on the ground. The tendril parted, allowing him to rise and saw the two Azures holding the whip. "Sorry, but your battle is with me."

Jigokudo frowned. "You are nothing but a mere isignifcant road block. This shall end quickly." And he charged forward

Shurado aimed his hand at Naruto, turning it into a missile. He was about to fire out his attack, when he looked on in surprise as two bulky arms covered his torso. Crimson smirked and started spinning them towards the hard surface. Shurado plummeted to the ground, while Crimson jumped away, safe. Shurado rose and took of his cloak. Multiple arms began to pop out of his body, making Crimson a bit uneasy as Shurado crouched into a position, a creepy grin on his face.

'Man, even after seeing that, I'm still freaked out.'

Gakido, still in the air, looked to his left and was met with a blue sphere to the face.

"Senpou: Rasengan!"

Gakido was slammed to the ground, hard, the Rasengan was still grinding on his face. Breeze ceased the attack and jumped across. Breeze took her fan out and opened it up, her clones doing the same. Gakido stood up and looked at the female Wind-user. He clapped his hand, a white glow covering him before it disappeared.

"Ma ma, let's get this over it."

Chikushodo was met with an aerial match as she tried to stave off Scarlet, but to no avail. Scarlet grinned as a crimson fire sphere appeared in both of his hands. He slammed it down on Chikushodo, the female path impacting on the ground. Scarlet landed on his knees, looking at the smoking path. He formed a hand sign as his clone Shinshunned next to him.

Chikushodo picked herself up the ground and glared at the male Fire-user. She slammed her palm on the ground, summoning out some animal summons. Scarlet and his clone rolled to the side, a large bird drilling upward. Scarlet looked at the female path, a large crab and a panda besides her.

Scarlet smirked, weaving through hand seals. "This is gonna be a blast!"

Midnight spent no time wasting and was already engaging his opponent, Ningendo. Midnight infused his blade with Raiton chakra and disappeared in a flash of lightning. Ningendo looked around, before he found himself slashed on the stomach by Midnight. The Kenjutsu Expert of the group twirled around his blade, before he sheathed back, causing an electrical explosion to occur.

Ningendo jumped back up and readied himself for combat. Midnight faced the mind-reading path and placed his hand near his sheathed sword.

"Well then, let's get on with business."

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