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[ Fanart ] Kokoro (Heart)


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Yooh guys!

Right after XGNW I drawing this. How's ur GNW or XGNW results? Hope u guys have a nice day!

LOL got an idea from Vocaloid video for a song with title "Kokoro Kiseki". I rewatch more than 10 times.

So busy with working but I hope u guys like my drawing hhehe....

Character : Midnight Blade X Breeze Dancer (CN CNY ver.)

A lonely scientist developed a robot, the result was said to be a "miracle"

But it wasn't yet sufficient; there was just one thing he wasn't able to do and that was the program known as a "heart"

I want to know why, until the end of that person's life, making for me "heart".

"I want to be able to teach her... the joy and sadness of a person"

The miracle scientist wishes With his agony continuing, time was only slipping away. Time for him is not infinite. But she doesn't understand that yet.

Access granted... Installing "heart" system...

Why am I shaking, the beat is accelerating. This is the "heart" I hoped for?

Mysterious, heart. I know now how to feel happy. I now know how to feel sad. How deeply painful. Alone must be lonely.

"Heart" lives and is now overflowing. It was exactly a miracle. But the miracle lasted only a moment.

The "heart" was far too big for her. Unable to withstand the weight, the machine shorted and was never move again.


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such a beautiful pic

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