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[ Character ] Names for the Mains


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When I write fanfiction I find it rather unsatisfactory that the five main characters don't have proper names. So I made up some for them, which I'm going to use from now on (you can find them already in my fanfiction 'The Summer Festival').

Here they are:

AzureFang – Sayuri (meaning 'lily', but also the main character from 'Memoirs of a Geisha', who is said to have 'water in her soul')

BreezeDancer – Ama ('amai' means 'sweet'. and isn't she just sweet?)

CrimsonFist – Mamoru (meaning 'to protect', which I find very befitting)

MidnightBlade – Masamune (the name of the sword type which Sephiroth in FF7 uses, and isn't MB a great sword wielder?)

ScarletBlaze – Akio (meaning 'autumn king', as his fiery Jutsus are like leaves in the wind)

It is probably wishful thinking, but I hope you like and accept these names and I'd be very happy if you used them.

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I think their names, while a little bit... blunt, are (only my opinion) perfect for them, and they work quite well as names too (though Scarlet tends to be a girl’s name, hear hear).

Unless they come up with canon English names (and tbh I’d be really sad if they did) I think their names are good right now. It does however get pretty confusing when everyone’s names are different in each fanfiction, but to each their own.

You put a lot of thought into these names :) I respect that.

Also, when I see Sayuri I think of Persona 5, haha...

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Let's agree to disagree then. :)

While ingame I find it quite sufficient to call them their class, as each player is able to name them the way they want, I just feel different when it comes to fanfiction. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like that. But what if I'm not? This is my solution to the 'problem', and nothing but only a suggestion. :)

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for Scarlet I always thought a better name would be Akame, or the original name that was made by the fan who drew him Akiri.

and AzureFang Aqua b/c why not.

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For scarlet Niskata, isn't cute?

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Azure Fang : Splashy Blady

Midnight Blade : Flashy Blady

Breeze Dancer : Breezy Bae

Crimson Fist : Rocky Dude

Scarlet Blaze : Flamin' Hot Dude

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  • ClumsyDrawer On 2018-05-10 07:20:59
  • Azure Fang : Splashy Blady

    Midnight Blade : Flashy Blady

    Breeze Dancer : Breezy Bae

    Crimson Fist : Rocky Dude

    Scarlet Blaze : Flamin' Hot Dude

Flamin' Hot Dude, can't argue with that.

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I'm extremely late to this post but just wanted to say it's also possible to use the names given by the original creators.

Azure has both a name and a surname - Watage Mimikaki, Scarlet was originally Azari (I have no idea where the misinformation about his name being Akiri came from... a basic katakana read will prove this wrong) and Breeze was Tsurara. For Scarlet, it makes sense to keep his Japanese clan name Guren since it's backstory-wise important (so like, Azari Guren). When it comes to Breeze I think giving the characters' surnames of their creators is a nice nod towards their involvement (so Tsurara Abe would be the name). Tsurara is a name that could be a bit troublesome seeing how it means icicles in literal translation though...

Crimson and Midnight are a bit more difficult, but Kasugai Master and Apprentice by Onuma Rioka and Tsutome Benkaku by Yamauchi Chie are similar to them enough to get some names from there? Well, to each their own. But it's not like the 3 mains didn't have names before being adapted into the game.

But circling back to some points above, I don't think their English names are that weird. Scarlet, Midnight, Azure are all nice names. Their surnames are also proper sounding. With Breeze and Crimson it takes a bit longer to get used to but other than that *shrug*. Oh, thinking a bit more, isn't it funny how 3/5 characters were given color names hmm

The names you came up with are quite nice though!

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i think you guys are forgetting one important detail to the 5 "main characters" ... they are supposed to be the names that YOU named them as a character as they are supposed to represent YOU. so the OP can name them anything they want in their fanfic lol..

for example i made a Lightning Main thinking i couldn't change it (when i first started) so i named him Hayase.. Yondaime Hayase because in my fanfic Hayase becomes the fourth hokage instead of minato (made up name obvs).

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