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The true essence of "level freezing"


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  • AmonRA93 On 2018-03-24 16:39:31
  • this level freezing is bad for gameplay, there i saw players with 80-90k power at lv 82-83, oasis should work to change sage fields based on power no lv.

    normal players on lv 80-83 should have 30-40k power and is imposible to all to grown if always get out from sage.

No it is not a problem. I find on my server it is only a problem for casual f2p players and casual p2w players who can't play everyday and find they are so outmatched and overpowerd after a few months. For daily and dedicated players, level freezers can be a bit a nuisance but it is not a real problem. And I don't really mind that we are culling and getting rid of these weak casual players that just make our server weaker. These causal and infrequent players are unimportant and take away from the game.

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