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[ Events ] Tobirama Edo Drop rate


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hello everyone, i have a question about lucky *

did tobirama has a good drop rate??I'm afraid to use my coupons and didn't get him :d

If someone knows pls comment in the topic xD

that's it

ty for your time

Jib Edit: Hi! Since rare drops on Lucky * is based on chance, players all have equal opportunity to obtain them. That said, one of the most important tip I can give about events based on chance is to look at the other prizes and see if you like them as well. Sometimes players will obtain the most sought after prize and sometimes they don't, make sure you will be happy either way! =]

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Most RNG ninjas have drop hate from the community.

But to answer your question I haven't seen any pulled on my server yet. Of course he has a bad drop rate since he's the main prize of the event, but sometimes the RNG gods favor you.

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50 attempts only got 4 frag tsunade and 2 spring lucky pouch so far.

well btrue also say : do lucky * if you want to raise your power and dont expect any ninja, consider yourself lucky if u got him.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted

careful, you might get your comment deleted

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Did you really think they put in the wheel the newest ninja there is that in the great tree costed 30k coupons with the usual chance to drop as it was for the other best prizes last times?

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Someone in our server got Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei], just now .. And he's a dummy account, Lv80 with 25k power, i guess he only did spin10 once ..

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2500cups and 0x edo tobirama 0x Ay 1x 2 Tsunade frags

+ Around 3000 cups on Alt accounts with 10-15k bp and nothing.

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