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ill appreaciate evrey one who can provide me with this info ;
ok in refinements rebate when i lvl up a gear the added growth did it count in rebate ? i think it does not sure if yes how much growth i get if i lvl up lvl 5 gears 25? 50 ? because i khnow people have less then 500 refinements and get this max reward like breakthrought pill thx for any one would help me understand that

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No, the growth factor after you level up in an equipment refinement does NOT contribute to the total number of refines in the rebate. The rebate is all about the amount of refines you spend. The amount of wish credits you receive is about 1/4-1/5 of the amount to get a guarantee refine (ie if you need 70 to refine, then the wish credit for the next one will be 20)

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itd be pretty swag if the wish credits counted as refines B) nah jkjk

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