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[ Lineup ] Help with the team.


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So I've been using Gate of Joy Lee and Gate of Joy Guy. I'M in love with lee and guy is good because he can start combos on those who are immune to that, but I have a problem. I started out with Crimson Fist because I wanted to be earth. The problem which I had is that I can't keep Lee and Guy alive so because of that I've switched to Water. The problem is kinda solved but not really I don't struggle with keeping them alive, but I would like to use the crimson first main. Could anyone help me out to put one more ninja in there who can keep them alive? I won't use sailor sakura or GNW sakura because I don't like them and the reason for that is I see them everywhere.

Edit 1: It's fine if only lee will be there but I'd like to use crimson fist and Lee together.

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why u not try to use a guy who revive a ally? like that he could die and be revived with a nice healer also eg: pain jigokudo

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