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Water main great teams.


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Here's the first team. I'm using this currently. Fast killing. You have slow down, immobile, ignition, poison, and constant chakra from killing enemies and *ing up art. That's deidara's mystery on 2nd turn, and hopefully you'll have kushina's paralysis in by the end of first turn. It's a pretty good team.

kushina deidara WM

Here's your standard kickass edo water team. 2 60 mystery skill uses in the first 2 rounds. Massacre.

WM edo team

and here is the best water main Anbu Itachi team. Consistently getting itachi's 30 hit chase as well.

kushina wm team

Just got my S rope like 5 min ago!

2 S treasure

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Great teams all of them . I personaly use the 1st lineup but with Sailor Sakura instead of Kurotsuchi (or whatever her name is) . I have 85k power and i have no trouble killing 95+ Ay 3rd and Shishui teams . The only lineups that i lose to are a) Kushimaru blitz teams b)wind teams that use masked man...

So i want to ask you about the 2nd lineup ... I am kinda saving coupons till i have 15-20k and i have 66/80 Nagato frags(60 from the lucky * that had Deidara and 6 from the tree this week so far)..Is he worth it? Cause the lineup seems interesting

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tried ur Anbu Itachi team, doesnt get 30 combo chase

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